Despite polls, local supporters of Tom Gallagher remain optimistic

Opposing Charlie Crist before it was popular… Here’s an article from August 25, 2006…

State Attorney General Charlie Crist is the favorite to win the Sept. 5 Republican primary. Mr. Gallagher, Florida’s chief financial officer, is behind in preliminary polls, and considerably behind in campaign contributions.

Regardless, people like Anthony Bonna, a fresh-faced St. Lucie County Republican executive committeeman, are quite optimistic.

“You might hear about polls, but one thing is certain. Leading in, our opponents in this race do not have the grassroots, dedicated volunteers that are going to turn out the vote,” Mr. Bonna said. “In a Republican primary, turnout is very important. We need to focus on getting as many people as possible out to the polls to support Tom. We’re doing that, and we’re confident we’re going to pull the sleeper.”

the local man in charge for the Gallagher campaign, Mr. Bonna believes it’s the candidate’s heavily conservative stance that will bring victory. Mr. Gallagher is opposed to gay adoption and gay civil unions, and against amnesty for illegal aliens.

Similar to the Knorr’s story, Mr. Bonna decided to give his all toward the campaign after Mr. Gallagher’s office fought the insurance companies to help his mother, Theresa, who lost her home in the hurricanes. He believes Mr. Gallagher would serve the state in the fashion of its current leader.

“Jeb Bush is the greatest governor in the nation. I think most people want to continue having a governor in the tradition of Jeb Bush. That’s where Tom Gallagher would take us,” Mr. Bonna said.

Read the full article in The Fort Pierce Hometown News.

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