Putting Citizens & Community First

Fortunately, St. Lucie County doesn’t have the bickering and hyper-partisanship that plagues Washington D.C. and Tallahassee. The county’s relationships with Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, St. Lucie Village, and our neighboring counties are at an all-time high. At the local level, my colleagues and I aren’t concerned about politics – we’re concerned about working together to achieve results for you.

As your Commissioner, I’m always available to listen to your perspective on the issues you care about. I know that local government can greatly impact your quality of life and your ability to make a living, so I strongly believe it’s important to be aware of how our decisions will affect residents.

Supporting Good-Paying Jobs For St. Lucie County

Too many students graduate from our high schools, but have to go north or south to obtain good-paying jobs.

I understand that while government can’t create jobs, it can certainly get in the way of industry creating jobs. My number one focus is fostering an environment that welcomes good-paying jobs to St. Lucie County.

Whether you’re discussing education, crime, infrastructure, health care, the environment, taxes, or regulation, I believe that all these issues relate back to jobs and our ability to recruit good companies and top talent to St. Lucie County.

I am a strong believer in both the Port and the Airport as two of our greatest opportunities for jobs and economic expansion. I am working hard on these projects and supporting any and all efforts to ensure their success.

Serving as a Taxpayer Watchdog, Keeping Taxes As Low As Possible, & Reducing Unnecessary Regulation

I want to make sure you and I are getting the best return on our investment as taxpayers.  That’s why I’m committed to scrutinizing the budget and listening to citizens like you to identify ways we could save money and spend our dollars more efficiently. 

I am not a fan of raising taxes and believe we should keep your taxes as low as possible. That’s why I’m fighting to lower the millage, proposing $1 Million in property tax relief this year. I also believe that we should consistently be reviewing our regulations and ensuring they are not putting up unnecessary barriers to doing business in our community.

Protecting Our Environment

We live in paradise and I am 100% committed to being a good steward of our environmental resources. My first summer job in St. Lucie County was working as an intern at Oxbow Eco-Center, and our environment has had a special place in my heart from a young age. I will work to ensure the county is doing everything we can to protect our lagoon, the North Fork, and our overall water quality. I support plans on the books to increase water storage north, south, east, and west of Lake Okeechobee. We must monitor and address failing culverts and support septic to sewer conversions whenever feasible. Finally, we must speak out and hold the federal government accountable for their releases that are harming our waterways.

Supporting Public Safety & First Responders


Public safety is of utmost importance. We must make sure that law enforcement, fire, and first responders have the resources they need to keep us safe. 

Partnering To Improve Education & Keep Our Schools Safe

A good education system is key to a strong economy. I will partner with our local schools in any way to help make them as strong as possible.

I will continue to publicly advocate for Port St. Lucie’s vocational education center.

And I will fight to make sure that our school resource officers program is fully funded and sustainable. In order to do this, we must insist that our entire community, including the School District and our local municipalities, comes together for the safety of our students.