National Journal: Is Ad Blocker Going to Ruin $1 Billion Worth of Presidential Campaign Ads?

Anthony Bonna was recently quoted by the National Journal about the impact of ad-blocking software on political digital advertising. The basic message – yes, some viewers are going to ignore ads, but it’s nothing to flip out about.

Here’s the excerpt:

“But ul­ti­mately, con­sumers avoid­ing ads isn’t any­thing new for ad­vert­isers. The Re­u­ters In­sti­tute re­port says 30 per­cent of Amer­ic­ans sur­veyed just ig­nore ads. Ad-block­ing on­line may be a grow­ing trend, but avoid­ing ads isn’t.

‘Any ad­vert­ising plat­form that you use, the people who don’t want to see the ads are go­ing to find ways to avoid them,’ said An­thony Bonna, a seni­or strategist at the Stone­ridge Group, who works with Re­pub­lic­an can­did­ates. ‘With TV, you’ve got TiVo; with print, you have people who just throw the junk mail away. I think there’s now go­ing to be that class on the In­ter­net that tries to avoid ads at all cost.'”

Read the full article in the National Journal here.

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