Trump Campaign To Open St. Lucie County Republican Victory Office

Great news! Let’s all come out and support the local St. Lucie Republican Party and our nominee on September 10 as the Trump campaign opens a local victory office (which will also support federal candidates Sen. Rubio and Brian Mast.)

Here’s an excerpt from the local newspaper below:

“The Republican Party of Florida will open a St. Lucie County office to support Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

The ‘Victory Office’ will be at the local Republican Executive Committee headquarters and also will organize local campaign efforts for other GOP candidates, such as U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and Brian Mast in congressional District 18.

The office will have a grand opening event from 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 10 at 6835 S. U.S. 1, Port St. Lucie.”

Thank You St. Lucie County Republicans!!

Thank you! Thank you to the more than 9,000 St. Lucie County Republican voters who put their trust in me tonight!

A special thank you to my wife, my parents, Judi Miller, Mike & Mimi Brown, Mike Bernard & Christine Hunt, Mike Hofstee, Bryan Longworth, Steve and April Knapp, Thom Epsky, and the Stoneridge Group for standing with me every step of the way.

Now the hard work of unifying and growing the Republican party in St. Lucie County begins. I look forward to working with anyone and everyone to get Republicans elected this November.

I also wanted to give a special congratulations to several of my good friends who won their races (or advanced to the general) tonight – Judge-Elect Ed Alonzo, Councilwomen-elect Jolien Caraballo & Stephanie Morgan, Councilman-Elect Jeremiah Johnson, and John Carvelli.

Bonna Campaign Releases Fundraising Report

The Bonna campaign announced the final tally of their fundraising for the 2016 State Committeeman race. The reported noted a total of $14,649 in total fundraising and in-kind contributions. You can view the report here.

It is notable that Mr. Bonna out-raised his opponent by a ratio of over 10-1. Bonna collected over 50 individual contributions.

Mr. Bonna stated, “I am humbled by the extensive broad base of support that I have received from community members, friends, elected officials, and business leaders. If elected, I promise to work hard to build the Republican Party into a powerhouse institution in St. Lucie County, FL. My goals are to recruit the best candidates and help them win local elected offices.”

Statement Re: TCPalm Article

I have been running a positive campaign and offering my vision on how I will grow the Republican Party in St. Lucie County and will continue to do so. It’s unfortunate that the liberal media and supporters of my opponent teamed up to release a news article full of falsehoods. It seems every day our paper runs another negative story on another Republican or conservative issue. This is no different. The paper didn’t even have the decency to call me before printing the piece so that they could present a fair and balanced view. They don’t want to see me elected because they know I won’t waver on my conservative principles and I’ll grow our Republican Party. I am proud of the campaign we have run and thankful for everyone in the community who is supporting me. I will continue to work hard to earn the votes of our community’s Republican voters. If you have any questions about the article in the newspaper, please call me at 772-237-0984.