Anthony Bonna Files To Run For St. Lucie County Republican State Committeeman

Anthony Bonna - St. Lucie Republican State Committeeman - Election 2016 - Gayle Harrell - Judi Miller - Mike Hofstee

FORT PIERCE, FL – Anthony Bonna, 28, filed paperwork this morning with St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, to run for St. Lucie County Republican State Committeeman. Current St. Lucie County State Committeeman Michael Hofstee opted not to seek a second term.

“Dr. Mike Hofstee is a principled man and has been an effective advocate and leader for St. Lucie County Republicans during his term in office,” Bonna said. “I am blessed to call him a friend and thankful for his support of my candidacy.”

Hofstee said that he “would be thrilled to see Bonna succeed him because of his commitment to faith, family and freedom.”

Inspired by his mentor, R. Allen Miller, who served in the position for many years, Bonna reflected on the honor it is to serve in the same position as the man who taught him so much once did.

“Mentors teach you and prepare you for the future and there was no one better to equip you than Allen. The core values he impressed on me throughout my life were service and paying it forward,” Bonna said. “I look forward to using the example he gave me to grow our county’s Republican Party and most importantly to advance conservative principles.”

While filing paperwork, Bonna was joined by two close friends, longtime School Board Member  Dr.  Judi Miller and State Representative Gayle Harrell (R), who have impacted Bonna’s life.

“I have known Anthony Bonna for over 16 years. His tenacity and passion are derived from his principles. St. Lucie County Republicans will benefit greatly from his leadership, his knowledge of campaigns, and his willingness to work hard on behalf of all Republicans. I know Allen, would be so proud to see Anthony taking this step forward!” Miller said.

Bonna said he will maintain a local focus centered on growing the party through voter registration, candidate recruitment, and messaging.

“We cannot allow the Democrats to continue to win uncontested races. St. Lucie County voters deserve a clear choice and a strong conservative party. That’s the only recourse taxpayers have to hold our elected officials accountable,” he said.

The Republican State Committeeman position is a four-year, countywide elected term provided for under Florida Statute 103.091 and Republican Party of Florida Rule 11. Together, the elected St. Lucie County State Committeeman and Committeewoman, act as liaisons between the State Executive Committee and the County Executive Committee.


Anthony Bonna is the owner of The Good Help Group, LLC, which provides direct mail, digital strategy and branding services for political, corporate, education, and faith-based clients from the national level to the local level.

As a mentor and Board Member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Lucie, Indian River, and Okeechobee, Anthony enjoys sharing with groups the impact his mentor Allen had on his life. Passionate about community service, he enjoys being a part of the Rotary Club of Port St. Lucie, the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce, and the Knights of Columbus. Anthony is a parishioner at St. Anastasia Catholic Church, where he serves as a lector, volunteers in the prison ministry, and acts in the Parish’s annual Passion Play at the Sunrise Theater. He was recently appointed as an at-large director on the board of Florida Right To Life.

Anthony grew up in St. Lucie County, attended Georgetown University where he received a degree in finance, and moved back to our community in 2014 with his wife Sasha, who is an attorney in the 19th Circuit Public Defender’s Office.

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  1. As a registered Republican for over 50 years, I am impressed by your willingness to participate in so many local events that will put you in touch with the community. We need more youthful participants in government I wish you well in the challenges you will meet.

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