Statement Re: TCPalm Article

I have been running a positive campaign and offering my vision on how I will grow the Republican Party in St. Lucie County and will continue to do so. It’s unfortunate that the liberal media and supporters of my opponent teamed up to release a news article full of falsehoods. It seems every day our paper runs another negative story on another Republican or conservative issue. This is no different. The paper didn’t even have the decency to call me before printing the piece so that they could present a fair and balanced view. They don’t want to see me elected because they know I won’t waver on my conservative principles and I’ll grow our Republican Party. I am proud of the campaign we have run and thankful for everyone in the community who is supporting me. I will continue to work hard to earn the votes of our community’s Republican voters. If you have any questions about the article in the newspaper, please call me at 772-237-0984.

One thought on “Statement Re: TCPalm Article

  1. The TC. Palm is not “liberal media”. That is laughable! They get it wrong alot because they go for smear before truth. Why report two sides to one story when one is more spicy?

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