Thank You St. Lucie County Republicans!!

Thank you! Thank you to the more than 9,000 St. Lucie County Republican voters who put their trust in me tonight!

A special thank you to my wife, my parents, Judi Miller, Mike & Mimi Brown, Mike Bernard & Christine Hunt, Mike Hofstee, Bryan Longworth, Steve and April Knapp, Thom Epsky, and the Stoneridge Group for standing with me every step of the way.

Now the hard work of unifying and growing the Republican party in St. Lucie County begins. I look forward to working with anyone and everyone to get Republicans elected this November.

I also wanted to give a special congratulations to several of my good friends who won their races (or advanced to the general) tonight – Judge-Elect Ed Alonzo, Councilwomen-elect Jolien Caraballo & Stephanie Morgan, Councilman-Elect Jeremiah Johnson, and John Carvelli.

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